Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lemon Aid

Lemons have a lot more uses than you may know...

1. Add lemon to green tea to cut the bitterness down - it also helps your body take in the antioxidants found naturally in green tea.

2. If used in a high dose you can get rid of your acne. Apply large amounts of fresh unsweetened lemon juice to cotton balls and apply to acne. Take care - lemon juice can dry out your skin.

3. Add lemon juice to your dish water. Your dish water will smell good and the lemon juice helps to work as a disinfectant.

4. Rub a cut lemon under your arm for a short term deodorant....works well on feet also. (Ladies, don't do this if you have shaved with in 24 hours....you won't like the way it feels!)

5. Lemons make beautiful decorations! Add lemons to your next center piece. One of my favs is a clear bowl full of lemons and limes.

6. After you cut apples or avacados toss them with a little lemon juice - it keeps them from turning brown.

7. Make a paste of lemon juice and salt to clean your wooden cutting boards. Use the used lemon as a scrub pad and rub the heck out of your board. Wash as normal and dry. It will be super fresh. Gets rid of onion and garlic smells.

8. I like to put baking soda in my sink drains every once in a while to keep it fresh - if you add a little lemon juice it will smell even fresher. Leave it there to sit for a few hours - then you can rinse it down or wash your sink with the baking soda then rinse down. It will be safe for your septic. Don't let anything go to waste - cut the peel up and toss into your garbage disposal.

9. Want a cheap hair lightener? Dampen your hair - add some lemon juice - sit in the sun for about an hour - wash hair. Your hair will be lighter. I've done this a few times - just gives you the 'summer hair' look.

10. Cut a lemon in half and cover the cut side with salt - clean your pots & pans - works well on copper, also.

11. My number one way to use lemon is with a shot of tequilla, fully dressed! Lick, Suck, Slam!!

This is just a SMALL list of uses for lemons - there are TONS!! Do you have one that isn't listed that you would like to share??

**You can burn up to 33% more calories standing than you do sitting**

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