Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corn Meal Mash

A while back at was at my husband's granny's house. She has this old family recipe book with some REALLY old recipes. She let me take it home and copy it...thank goodness because it sure would have been wrong to steal it from her....but I wanted it bad. (That is a joke....)

This is a recipe from the "Barnhill Country-Style Recipes" book.

This recipe was submitted by Mable Smith - the recipe dates back to 1856 and I will write it as it reads in the book.

"Just as Grandmother wrote it down.
2 qts water to a boil. 1t salt, add cornmeal by handfull trickle in boiling water. Continuing stir. Repeat cornmeal if need, till a pudding stick would stand without falling over. Continual cooking till bubble in about 1/2 hour. Turn into pan to cool. Slice, dip into flour, fry in hot fat till golden brown on both sides"

I think this sounds so good. Is it because I'm a Southern gal? I don't know. And how good would it be if it was fried in some pork fat....yep. I'm Southern.

What are some of your old family meals that have been passed down for years?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is the day!

I've always used coupons. As a child, I watched my mom clip and save a lot of money trying to feed and take care of our family.

I'm just now getting good at couponing. I even use coupons for oil changes and dinner out....I have even used a coupon to buy coupons. (Really, I used a coupon to buy our weekly paper that has coupons....but whatever.)

For extra tips and tricks tune in to the new show on TLC - Extreme Couponing. It comes on tonight!!

This show is EXTREME and a lot of it won't work for just anyone. A lot of the show is preplanned and they've talked to corp about some of the keep that in mind.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here We Go

By request, I am going to be working on a coupon/stockup pile/free stuff post. It will take me a while probably, because there is a lot of information I want you to all know. So keep on the look out!!

So mean while...if you want to jump in with the money saving tips and ideas and want to start to coupon...make a coupon book first.

3 ring binder - you'll want a 2 1/2" or larger. I now use a 5" (I think...). Get business card holders or baseball card holders, cheap dividers with tabs.

Next go to your favorite grocery store and write down each aisle. Example - aisle 1 is salad dressing, pickles, and sauces (bbq sauce, mayo, mustard, etc).

Label your tabs in your binder with how you go though your grocery store. For example I go to the outside of the store and work my way back down the aisles. So for me my labels are - produce, dressings/sauces, packaged meats, fresh meats, dairy, bread then all of my aisles.

Put at least 2 of your holder pages (baseball card or business card) between each divider with your labeled tabs.

Got it? Post questions if you have any.

This is the start of you saving tons of $$$ and by being organized you will save lots of time!!