Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corn Meal Mash

A while back at was at my husband's granny's house. She has this old family recipe book with some REALLY old recipes. She let me take it home and copy it...thank goodness because it sure would have been wrong to steal it from her....but I wanted it bad. (That is a joke....)

This is a recipe from the "Barnhill Country-Style Recipes" book.

This recipe was submitted by Mable Smith - the recipe dates back to 1856 and I will write it as it reads in the book.

"Just as Grandmother wrote it down.
2 qts water to a boil. 1t salt, add cornmeal by handfull trickle in boiling water. Continuing stir. Repeat cornmeal if need, till a pudding stick would stand without falling over. Continual cooking till bubble in about 1/2 hour. Turn into pan to cool. Slice, dip into flour, fry in hot fat till golden brown on both sides"

I think this sounds so good. Is it because I'm a Southern gal? I don't know. And how good would it be if it was fried in some pork fat....yep. I'm Southern.

What are some of your old family meals that have been passed down for years?

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