Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Journey 2.27.2014

"Being Gentle with Yourself"

She says I should be feeling lighter and more energized - or maybe even experiencing headaches.  She says it's normal.

I pretty much eat like this, I kinda feel the same.  I have headaches almost everyday... so that is very normal haha.  It sucks.  It is hard to plan activities when you always have migraines or headaches.

So for day 2 this is what she recommends:
Breakfast/Early Morning Snacks: 8 ounce water, fiber, fresh fruit with lemon and flax meal and a green drink or a chlorella tablet
 Lunch: Brown rice/Buckwheat/Quinoa with  1 tablespoon flax meal, 4 ounces of fish or 1/3c beans & a liver cleansing medley
Midafternoon snack: hot tea, water, veggies or fruit (from the list) or another serving of lunch or dinner (Remember to listen to body, do you really need food or just water?)
Dinner: Quick veggie soup or mung bean minestrone and unlimited amount of greens

Trying to focus on chewing.  15-30 chews per bite.  (sometimes is harder than you'd think...)

This is what I did:
100+ ounces of water, total
Breakfast: 2 cups fruit salad (strawberry, blackberry & grapes) with 1T flax meal, water with benefiber, few pistachios, Coffee with 2T Coconut sugar & coconut milk creamer
Lunch: 1/3 cup beans, 1/2 cup brown rice with salsa verde and 1/2 cup mixed veg (celery, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, radishes & artichokes) and 5 cherry tomatoes.
Snack: Rick cake with almond butter, 3 cherry tomatoes, 3 pcs of dark chocolate
Dinner: Veg soup - same as day 1 with kale chips
Snack: plain rice cake

She suggests journaling.

Today I'm feeling very depressed.  I want to eat bad foods.  I am missing 'bad' foods like cheese!!  I don't want to journal...I want to eat!

She want us to do some sustainable self care that is nurturing, something that mom used to do for us.  I've had a hard time with this one.  I can't think of anything.  I draw a blank.  I don't know what do do to have self care that is nurturing...  So I looked it up online.  One thing I came up with is: my time.  You have to make time to self care.  So, I turn my ringer/sound off of my phone by 9 pm so I can focus more on bed time & my husband.  Another thing I came up with - I am simple.  I don't need a whole lot.  Some of my self care - I get from gardening.  The time outside in the garden is relaxing, hard work, I get vitamins from the sun & I get the satisfaction of eating a warm juicy tomato right off the vine.  This subject may still need a little bit of work.  I would like to start working out (yoga, walking, swimming).  I'd love to hang out with my friends more, get out of the house more.  Maybe learn how to meditate?  Who knows.

She wants me to go through my kitchen and discard anything that is old, has hydogenated oils or contains MSG.  I did a step further and got rid of everything with gluten, soy or dairy - unless it was my husband's goodies.

She mentions doing a massage or an acupuncture session since I'm detoxing.  I just had a massage a week or so ago and had the foot detox and the lymph I didn't schedule a massage.  I'll be fine.

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