Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Journey 2.26.2014

The book I'm reading (Woman Code by Alisa Vitti) teaches about different phases of the hormone system.  She suggests doing 'Four Days to Reset Your Woman Code'.  It is really healthy foods (which I actually had just about all of them on hand to start these four days.)

She suggests for day one:
Breakfast and/or early morning snack:
8 ounces glass of water, fiber supplement, fresh fruit salad with lemon juice and flax meal, 'green drink' and/or Chlorella tablets
Brown rice or quinoa with flax meal, 4 ounces of salmon, whitefish or 1/3 cup beans if vegetarian/vegan and a 'liver cleansing medley' (unlimited amount) this is basically salad
Mid-afternoon snack:
Hot tea, water, veggies, fruits, or an extra serving of lunch, she wants you to REALLY listen to your body to see if you are actually wanting food or something else... water, a vitamin, etc...
Veggie soup (unlimited amount) or mung bean minestrone - and lots of greens (unlimited amount)

Eat in a quite environment, focus on the food, your body, enjoy your food, enjoy the eating experience. Leave tv off when eating.

Take 10 minutes to write in a journal - What do you want from these next four days.

Clean Sweep: Find something you've been holding onto and trash it/donate it.  The space we live in reflects what's going on inside of us.  Clear the clutter, clear your body.
It makes total sense.

So this was my day:
16 ounces of water, within waking up (helps you have a BM - she says if you do this you'll have a BM within 20-30 minutes and if you don't, your stopped up)
2 cups of mixed fruit (strawberries, blackberries & grapes) with 1 T flax meal & 1 t coconut sugar
1 cup water with 2 t benefiber
Salad mix with 3 oz of meat, 1/2 c brown rice, homemade vegan ranch
Celery with almond butter
'Green Drink'  (Celery, cucumber, parsley, green apple, lemon juice)
Few corn chips
Few shell on roasted pistachios
1/4 c shell on roasted sunflower seeds
Veggie soup (Veg broth, carrots, zucchini, garlic, onions, spinach, kale, mung beans, tomatoes) and a side of kale chips
Half a spoonful of almond butter
Over all I had 106 ounces of water (My norm is about 100-102 ounces)

I did pretty well, I think.  The corn chips were a little bad... but for a 'bad' snack... not too bad.

These four days I thought weren't going to be a big change for me - since I really already eat pretty well.  But, I'm hoping to help clear out my digestive system, get rid of pain, headaches, and start loosing weight.  This is a great way to kick-start my new journey.

Clean sweep: Cleaning out a closet.  Organizing our guest room/storage room.

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