Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Journey 3.1.2014

"Using Your Body As a Tool"

Today's focus is intentions and goal setting.  Uh oh.  I'm good at setting a goal... it is sticking to it that is hard.  She wants me to select 2 things I want in my life that aren't there now: an object, an experience, belief, behaviors, anything.  Then describe how these things will change your life and how you will feel with them.  Be specific.  "Feel the feelings of already having what you want. Notice any sensations of self-doubt or skepticism that come up and gently set them aside. Just breathe deeply and create in your body the feelings of already having these two things you've described. Hold on to those feelings for sixteen seconds. You are programming your body and mind to expect to receive these things into your life. By creating the internal experience of having or being something, you build subconscious confidence to actually pursue and achieve what you want with less effort and less self-sabotage."

How was your vegan day?  Bad.... I wasn't vegan at all for the day.  Not even half of the day, but it is ok.

Meal Plan for the day
Breakfast and/or Early Morning Snack: water, fiber, fruit salad with flax meal and nut butter or nuts or seeds or half of an avocado and a green drink or chlorella tablet
 Lunch: brown rice/buckwheat with flax meal, 4 ounces of fish or 1/3 cup of beans with unlimited amount of liver cleansing medley
Mid-Afternoon Snack: fruit, veg, water or hot tea, or another serving of lunch or dinner
Dinner: quinoa, lots of leafy greens sauteed with evoo

What I had:
100+ ounces of water total
Breakfast: 2 cups of fruit salad (strawberry, black berry, grapes) with 1 teaspoon of coconut sugar, fiber water, 1 Earnest bar, 2 pcs of jolly ranchers, 1 McDonald's hash-brown, coffee with 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar, coconut creamer
Lunch: Amy's TV dinner: Vegan Meatloaf
Dinner - No idea..
Snack: way to many Twizzler Bites.

Totally of track today.

"Focus on Digestion: How are you doing with chewing? Eat S-L-O-W-L-Y. Remember to breathe
while you eat. Notice how it feels to be eating protein. Notice the sensation
of heaviness, notice how little protein you actually might need"

"A small child put a cricket she had caught in her empty glass jar and screwed on the lid. The cricket jumped up and hit its head on the lid. It jumped a second time, and again hit its head. It jumped a third time, and realized there was no getting past this lid. From then on, the cricket only jumped half as high, never again bumping its tiny head on the lid of the jar.  The child, feeling sorry about her game, , took the lid off the jar and encouraged the cricket to jump out. But the cricket would not jump out. It jumped only half the height of the jar. The lid would always be there in its mind."

She says: take the lid off of my reality jar.  What would like look like around me if I dreamed big and sat goals to reflect my fantasies?  Don't be practical.  Think BIG.  Home, job, friends, family special items?  Make a dream board.  Look at it daily.  I'll make one on Pinterest

She says since I've been decongesting my liver through this cleanse it is important to think about my bowels.  Haha, yes, my poop.  Going on a cleanse really gives you a good detox and it is important to gt those bad toxins out.  I should be having a BM first thing in the morning without the help of coffee, tea or anything else.  (Side note: since I drink 16-20 ounces of water right as soon as I step out of bed, I am pretty regular now.)

"What an amazing gift you've given to yourself—you should celebrate
your commitment to health! Tonight, take a bath in Epsom salts
and add your favorite essential oils. Your skin is your largest organ
of elimination—heat helps pores open, and salt draws out toxins
and impurities. So this bath is luxurious, but it also completes the
detoxification you have been working on all week. If you aren’t able
to bathe, fill your sink with hot water and add the salts. Dip a clean
washcloth in the water, wring out thoroughly, apply to dry skin and scrub 
yourself down."

I had an some awesome body scrub that I used then took a hot soak.  I love baths!

(Everything in a "" is from her book, Woman Code by Alisa Vitti)